TAG Heuer Replica Carrera Silver Dial 160 Years Limited Edition Watch

TAG Heuer is one of the oldest watch brands and the Carrera collection is one of the most important collections of the brand.TAG Heuer Replica Carrera Silver watches recreate historical watches by modern standards.

TAG Heuer Replica Carrera Silver 160 Years


The 1960 Carrera 2447S had a 36MM case diameter, but this year's limited edition watch has a 39MM case. While these watches don't quite retain the vintage style dimensions, they have a distinctly vintage look to them. The slender bezel, beveled lugs and sapphire crystal with a domed feel all bring a vintage vibe.


The biggest difference between the two quality replica watches is the back of the watch. The TAG Heuer fake Carrera Silver watches have a clear transparent back. So we can see the unique Heuer 02 self-winding movement. Modern Tag Heuer Replica Watches Swiss cannot use the original Valjoux 72 movement. Because the Heuer 02 has more reliable performance. But because the two movements operate differently, the position of the second hand dial inside the dial has changed. The stopwatch dial has been moved from the original 9 o'clock position to the 6 o'clock position.


The watches have a silver dial. To add visual depth, all three subdials are placed in their own sloping borders. These subdials also retain the dark nail effect. All in all, it's a clean dial. The polished case is paired with a black alligator leather strap.

The simple best replica TAG Heuer watches are also very beautiful. It's actually very easy to make a simple watch, but it's not easy to make a beautiful, simple watch. Every detail on a simple watch has to be perfect, and TAG Heuer does just that with this watch brand. All in all, this is an impressive REPLICA watch.