European Conservatives and European reformers: We need a new government in Albania

European Conservatives and European reformers seek the removal of Rama to pave the way for a new government to resolve the political crisis and end the scandals.
The Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE), which is the third largest group in the European Parliament, has shown that it supports the opposition demands in Albania.
According to this alliance, a new government can guarantee the end of the political stalemate and regain the trust of Albanian citizens.
“In light of the growing political instability of the government crisis and the long list of scandals that have recently become public, ACRE believes that only a new government created on a political platform can guarantee the end of this political stalemate and to regain the confidence of Albanian citizens in democratic European integration processes and the rule of law in the country, “reads ACRE’s statement, including the UK’s ruling Conservative Party.
ACRE supports the Republican Party’s unification with the opposition coalition and says it encourages it to take concrete steps to fight government corruption and guarantee free and fair elections in line with the highest international standards.
The Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists, a center-right group, says the growing concern for recent developments in Albania has to do with the corruption of the current government.